Graham Dolphin The Stars Will Remain Here
Regina Gallery, Moscow

Dominating The Stars Will Remain Here are three sculptures which take as their starting point tributes left by fans onto arbitrary objects found at memorial shrines to the famous and iconic; part of the entrance wall to Elvis Presleys' Graceland home, a laundry sink from Bolivia onto which the body of revolutionary Che Guevara was displayed to the worlds press and a crumbling, graffiti covered wall found in Moscow for the singer Viktor Tsoi. Meticulously recreating these banal objects, now imbued with the emotional outpouring and intensity of thousands of tributes, Dolphin faithfully recreates these objects and the messages. Through this imitation the original emotion of the writer is lost.

Accompanying the sculptures are a series of 30 graphite drawings entitled Fan Drawings. Collected from fan websites, fan art websites and bought directly from amateur artist the artist has meticulously redrawn these artistic homages made by fans to their musician idols.

Sink, 2011

Wall (Tsoi Version) , 2011

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