I Feasted This Morning On Scrambled Havoc, 2010 (Edited Version)
Duration 5'00"
Found poetry commemorating 9/11 read out by computer generated voice, duration 6 hours 24 minutes
Dirty Kunst
, Seventeen, London, 2010

Condensed Vertigo, 2007
Duration 7'25"
Bernard Herrmanns' sundtrack to Alfred Hitchcocks' Vertigo, condensed into one audio track.
BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, 2007

The Room, 2007
Duration 24'00"
Sound piece compiled from over 100 soundtracks from horror films
Commissioned for Film On Film, Berwick Upon Tweed Film and Media Arts Festival 2007

1,440 Tears, 2007
Duration 3'33"
15 versions of 96 Tears by ? and the Mysterians, edited and compiled into one track
Limited edition one sided 12" record with catalogue for Thirty Three and a Third, Seventeen 2006

A-Z Condensed Music Project, 2002
The tracks from each record, played simultaneously and recorded, creating one condensed track of the complete album

The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (1966,13 tracks)

Can - Future Days (1970, 4 tracks)

Kraftwerk - The Man Machine (1978, 6 tracks)

Thelonoius Monk - Standards (1963, 10 tracks)

Queen - Greatest Hits (1974-80, 17 tracks)

ADVERTS, 2000 - 2002
Manipulated, layered and edited soundtracks from cosmetic and perfume commercials


Elvive Nutri Ceramide

Pro-Vie Vitamin

J' Adore