Graham Dolphin Work

Graham Dolphin Work / Arbete
Växjö Konsthall, Växjö, Sweden
21 January 2011 - 13 March 2011

The objects produced by Graham Dolphin (b.1972) undergo a meticulous and labour driven process that alters them from something which is mundane and mass-produced and places them in an art context. The raw materials for his artworks are paraphernalia from pop culture; vinyl records, fashion magazines, posters, perfume bottles, and archive film footage. The alterations he makes to these works either scratch away at their pristine and glossy surface or add new layers to an iconic image.

In his most recent works, Dolphin has placed focus on another more obsessive aspect of fan culture. The exhibition includes a series of sculptures, recreations of famous fan-made monuments; ranging from Freddie Mercury’s back door to a park bench in Seattle, near to Kurt Cobain’s house. The sites where these memorials stand (or stood) have become public shrines, places of veneration for thousands of fans, a chance to contribute to a living memorial with the addition of a prosaic mark of respect, among the hundreds of similar marks that already adorn them.

Two seminal films by the artist are also included in the exhibition; Star Spangled Banner Recurring and 1,500 images of Kate Moss in 60 seconds. Both films examine an iconic figure, Jimi Hendrix and Kate moss. The works use archive film footage and images taken from popular culture, which the artist proceeds to dissect or assemble creating rhythmic, repetitive works that consider the inner workings of the portrayed icons.

The exhibition gives a retrospective look at the past 10 years of Dolphins’ artistic practice, presenting new works but also offering new perspective to past highlights from his career.

Dolphin’s works have been widely displayed, including solo shows at David Risley Gallery, (Copenhagen), SEVENTEEN, (London), BALTIC, (Gateshead) and mima, (Middlesbrough).His works are also represented in the collections of, Zabludowicz, (London), Weisbaden, (Germany) and West Collection, (LA).

Växjö Konsthall, Västra Esplanaden 10, 351 Växjö, Sverige



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